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Why replace your old boiler with an energy efficient one?

Gas boilers are one of the most used equipment in every household. But the fact that it gives you the burden of huge electricity bills every month cannot be ignored. To solve this problem, Pure Eco Solutions Ltd offer you with our range of replacement premium “grade A” energy efficient gas boilers which we supply and fit.

We are one of the most reputed brands known for providing energy efficient heating systems. If you are someone who wants to save on huge electricity bills and also contribute towards reducing environmental footprints, you should opt for our energy efficient gas boiler. Here are some benefits of it which will convince you to replace your boiler.

Reduce gas bills and emissions

Most of the households spend about 60 percent on energy bills and energy efficient boilers make a lot of reduction to this. Old boilers produce a lot of CO2 emissions, causing a phenomenal harm to the environment and climatic conditions.

With replacing your old boiler with our A-rated high efficiency condensing boiler, you can reduce your bills up to 50%.

Manufacturer warranty

Our boiler manufacturers provide customers with a phenomenal warranty of 10 years. Makers are bound to keep spare parts of heating systems for 10 years after your shop. So, even if anything happens to the heating boiler, you will have no problem in finding the right parts for it, which is usually a problem with many other gas boiler repairs.

Convenient Payment plans

Not having a budget to pay for gas boiler replacements in lump-sum? Do not worry as we have many comfortable 0% interest payment plans which include easy installments. So, just select the type of boiler you want to buy and contact us to know about the convenient payment plans. Customer satisfaction in all terms is our priority. Hence, we focus on providing easy payment options for those who buy from us.

Government benefits

The Government has a lot of income schemes for those who have energy efficient equipment fitted in their house. With a lot of exemptions and rewards, you can claim these government scheme returns when you have energy efficient gas boilers in your homes.

Gas Safe Registered Installer

All our installers are Gas Safe Registered. So, you do not have to give any second thought to the safety concerns which might trouble your mind. With a full expertise technical team, we have all our products tested to utmost safety.


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