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Electric Boiler & Electric Central Heating Installation In Glasgow

When we think about installing electric heating systems instead of the ones running on other fuels, we often calculate the costs associated with it. Well, electric heaters are definitely cheaper for long term than those running on other fuels, and here are some details about the cost calculation and working of it.

Lifelong cost calculation

There is a lot of confusion with respect to operating costs of electric heating devices compared to the ones operating on other fuels. The actual cost which should be considered when comparisons are made is the lifelong costs.

Many buyers who try to opt for electric heating systems back out because their purchasing price is more than other types of systems. But here, the lifetime ownership cost should be considered, including the fuel costs, maintenance and other bills. When all this is considered, electric heaters are 100% cost and energy efficient at the point of use, as all the electricity is directly transformed into heat, without any wastage done like the boiler-based systems.

In the recent years, there has been a lot of change in the price of gas and electricity. Electric heaters are fitted at one place and can be a long lasting solution. Most of the manufacturers expect electric heating systems to last for 15 years and gas boilers for 10 years.

Radio Frequency controls

The electric heating systems can be controlled through an inbuilt radio frequency remote and receiver. The remote acts as a radio frequency thermostat and timer which gives operational signals to the radiators fitted to the system. Each remote can control various radiators. All controls are operated from a central point and within a domestic house situation; a two or three zone heating system can be set up with one controller to operate all radiators. This can be done with a 6 Zone controller and radio room thermostats.

How It Works

The electric heating system mainly operates on a refractory block which combines with a storage material of latest mechanism and technology, which together create this efficient heating unit.

There is a low wattage heating element inside each refractory place, which heats the block from inside, generating the required heat by the system. This mechanism is quick and simple and does not consume a lot of electricity in its operation.

Top 5 benefits of electric heating

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