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Properla Exterior Wall coating In Glasgow, Paisley, Scotland

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ProPerla Coloured wall coating is a flat, dirt resistant and silicon emulsion based exterior
Wall coating for optimum protection against weathering.
Highly weather resistant, particularly dirt-resistant exterior paint on stable silicate and mat dispersion paint coatings, synthetic resin plasters and intact thermal insulation composite system keeps walls dry to maximum depth permanently.

About ProPerla facade coating

Water Repellency

You will recognise the excellent water repellent property by its beading behaviour.It will make the masonry dry and extremely resistant to biological hazards, mould, mildew, and others. A dry masonry will improve the thermal resistance, prevent frost damage and reduce the growth of microbial spores.


The masonry is able to breathe and permeable to water vapour and it lets air and moisture pass
Through from one side to the other.A breathing masonry will improve the thermal conductivity and insulation properties. Just a 5% content of damp in cavity wall insulation or other building materials can lower the thermal resistance by up to 50%.

Self Cleaning efficiency

Dirt particles are unable to obtain a hold on the ProPerla coated facade and it’s simply
Flow off with the rain droplets. The facade remains clean and attractive.Even on sides which are particularly exposed to the weather like on North- facing or walls in shade, as well as in areas with high air humidity and in areas with sea salt penetrated air.

Durability and colour Stability

Your coated masonry will be protected against destructive impact of the sun, wind and other weather conditions ( acid rains, salt spray, smog etc ) it will be weather protected and colour stable for many years.

Performance features

Water-soluble, low film tension, weather resistant according to VOB, water repellent in conformance with DIN 4108 alkali resistant, highly permeable to water vapour non-film
Forming, high side, resistant to dirt and air pollutants, easy to use and highly resistant to fungus, moss, and algae.

Proven performance

Coatings incorporating resin emulsion technology have been available for over 25 years and are now the fastest growing exterior coating system in Europe. All this expertise has been combined with the latest nanotechnology and the result is impressive.


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